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Sonata / Sonatina Award

The AMMA Sonata-Sonatina Award was created to encourage music students to perform an entire multi-movement sonata or sonatina.

It is open to any instrumentalist performing an entire multi-movement sonatina or sonata (all movements) by any composer.

2022 AMMA
Sonata-Sonatina Award 

Online Registration


  • Online Registration Begins on May 1, 2022

  • Online Registration Closes on May 31, 2022


Applications are accepted online only.  Please click here to access the online application form.


Application Fees


  • Sonata Application Fee: $90

  • Sonatina Application Fee: $70


Application Information


  • Contestants must perform multi-movement works (one movement works are not accepted). 

  • Contestants must perform the work in its entirety (all movements).  

  • No age limit and open to students of all nationalities 

  • Judge's comments will be given to each contestant.

  • Participation in the Sonata-Sonatina Award also counts towards the AMMA Points System.  

            Click here for more info on the AMMA Diploma points system.   


Application Procedure

  • Contestants must fill out an online application form.

  • Contestants must provide YouTube links (each movement separately) 



  • Grand, First, Second, Third, and Honorable Mention Prizes will be awarded.

  • Certificates will be awarded to all winners and participants (sent via email).

  • Grand Prize will be awarded to the most outstanding performers, and they will be featured on our website.



  • Results will be emailed to each contestant by June 20, 2022, along with the judge's comments and certificates.

Rules and Regulations

  • YouTube Video Naming Rules:

- Please provide a link per movement.

- Contestants must list all of the information for each movement.

- Title:  2022 AMMA Sonata-Sonatina Award  – Instrument

- Example of Correct Video Title: 2022 AMMA Sonata-Sonatina Award

- Description box: Full title of pieces and movements (Roman numeral), Composer Names (first initial and full last name).

- Correct description box example: Sonatina in G, Op. 36, No. 2, I., M. Clementi


- The participant's name should NOT appear anywhere on the YouTube video, including the channel name.


- If the entire title information does not fit due to the character limit, please include the remainder of the title information in the description box.


  • Videos must be taken horizontally (landscape).


  • Save/publish the video’s visibility to UNLISTED.


  • Videos will not be accepted if they are not titled/described according to the rules above.


  • All videos must be taken within the past 12 months.


  • For pianists, participants’ face, hands, feet with pedals as well as the keyboard, must be visible for the entirety of the video.


  • For all other instrumentalists, participants’ face, instrument, hands, and fingers must be visible for the entirety of the video. 


  • Video recording MUST be a one-take; editing, such as cutting and merging multiple takes, is prohibited. No editing of any kind is allowed.  


  • Formal and appropriate attire must be worn; otherwise, the video will not be accepted.


  • Piano accompaniment is required for all pieces that have an existing accompaniment part.  You may also use pre-recorded tracks.


  • The applicant must prepare the work in its entirety (no cuts).

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