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Diploma Program

Our primary goal is to encourage and inspire music students of all ages and levels to grow into well-rounded musicians. Through various performance assessments, award programs, merit programs, and exams, students can grow musically and be recognized for their progress and achievements. To support this, AMMA offers a simple yet essential Diploma Program, designed to aid in the interpretation of music through comprehensive knowledge and broad understanding. There are no age restrictions, and anyone can participate. The instruments eligible for the AMMA Diploma include piano, strings (violin, viola, cello), and winds (flute and clarinet). For instruments not listed above, students can receive an AMMA Academic Diploma by passing the essay, theory test, and history test.

To obtain a Diploma, you must:

  • Pass the following:

    • Performance Jury Level 6

    • Essay Exam

    • Theory Level 8

    • History (all five level tests)

  • Submit the Diploma Request Form with your test scores for the Performance Jury, Essay, Theory, and History.

  • If eligible, you will receive a certificate (via email or mail) and a plaque.

Performance Jury:


  • Levels range from 1 to 6.


  • To pass a level, you must score higher than 80 points out of a maximum of 100 possible points. If a student fails to pass the test one year (receives less than 80 points), they may continue retaking this level until they pass.


  • If a student receives less than 80 points, they will not receive an awards certificate for that year.


  • For levels 1 through 5, a student may choose to stay at the same level for up to three consecutive years. For every year that this student scores higher than 80 points, they will receive an e-certificate and a comment sheet with the following award:

    • Gold Award (for the 1 st success at that level)

    • Platinum Award (for the 2 nd success at that level)

    • Multi-Platinum Award (for the 3 rd and final success that level)

  • Once a student moves up a level, they may not move back down a level in the following years (i.e. a student that moves up from level 2 to 3 cannot participate in level 2 or lower any more).

  • Special Award:

    • Diamond Certificate: Awarded upon passing Level 6

Essay Exam:


  • The essay topic must relate to an influence of music.

  • To pass, you must score at least 80 points out of a maximum of 100 potential points. If you score below 80, you must retake the exam.

  • Upon passing, you will receive an e-Essay Award Certificate.

  • The Essay Exam is offered only once a year in September, but if a student fails to pass their first time, retakes will be available in the following Spring. This retake date will be available on the website after the results are released.

  • The essay exam only needs to be passed once for the diploma.



History Test:


  • There are five distinct history tests covering the following:

    • Elements of Music

    • Baroque

    • Classical

    • Romantic

    • Contemporary

  • In order to pass, you must receive at least 80 points out of a maximum of 100 potential points for each test.

  • You will receive an e-certificate after passing each test.

  • After passing all five tests, you will be awarded a Diamond History Award (via email or mail).

Theory Test (Levels: Prep to Level 8):


  • **Use the Theory Outline as your study guide. Please note that it is only an outline and does not contain the actual test questions.**


  • To pass each level, you must score at least 80 points out of a maximum of 100 potential points.


  • The theory test dates are set by AMMA and will take place around November.


  • You will have three opportunities to take the theory test within one year (please ensure you apply for each attempt).

    • If a student fails the pass the test for one level in November, they may take it up to two more times throughout the academic year or wait to re-do that level the following November.

  • You may skip levels if you wish to attempt a higher level.

    • Note that Level 8 includes comprehensive content from all previous levels.

  • After passing each level, you will receive an e-certificate.


  • Special awards are given for passing multiple levels of theory tests:

    • Theory Gold Award: Pass Prep Level to Level 4.

    • Theory Platinum Award: Pass Level 5 to Level 8.

    • Theory Diamond Certificate: Pass all theory tests from Prep Level to Level 8.

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