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Our chief aim is to encourage and inspire music students of all ages and levels to develop into well-rounded musicians.

Through various performance assessments, performance award programs, merit programs, and exams, students can grow musically and be rewarded for their progress and achievements.


Our Story

A group of highly experienced and caring music teachers got together to develop a system to benefit all students of music.  Pulling from our collective wisdom and experience, we strove to make classical music education more comprehensive so that one can become proficient not only in performance but also in academic disciplines in music, such as music theory, ear training, and music history, which we believe should be part of everyone’s musical training.  We modeled our program on the curriculum of some of the best music schools and conservatories.  

AMMA offers juries, testing, and special performance award programs to encourage music students to check their musical progress and receive feedback on a regular basis.  Our program will benefit everyone from beginners to those who will be pursuing music as a profession.  Going through our program will make it easier to take college-level music courses, as a music major or as a lover of music.

Our aim is to help all music students gain a deeper understanding of the music that they play and broaden their musical horizon.  Our program is open to students of all ages and levels, even those that do not take private lessons.

Everything is done online, which makes it very easy to participate in our program.  In the midst of a pandemic, we wanted to encourage everyone to keep up with their musical studies and receive assessment opportunities.

Our Story
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