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Music Theory Level VIII


1. Seventh Chords (Identification and Construction)


Types of Seventh Chords

  • Major (MM)

  • Major Minor (Mm)

  • Half Diminished

  • Fully Diminished


Seventh Chord Inversions

  • Root Position

  • First Inversion

  • Second Inversion

  • Third Inversion


2. Lead-Sheet Symbols (Root Position and Inversions)

  • Triads

  • Seventh Chords


3. Chord Notation Rules

  • Chord Alignment

  • Accidental Placement


4. Form II: Rondo Form

5. Genre II: Sonata/Sontina, String Quartet

6. Musical Period II: Classical (1750-1820)

7. Composers II: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven

8. Terminology IV

  • Ad Libitum 

  • Deciso

  • Morendo

  • Pizzicato

  • Portato

  • Rubato

  • Scherzando

  • Senza

  • Serioso

  • Sostenuto

  • Vivo

Ear Training

  1. Triads: Identify the triads you hear.  Major, minor, augmented and diminished triads in root position and first inversion will be presented.  

  2. Melodic dictation: Complete the melody.  The key signature, time signature, bar lines and first note are given.  

  3. Intervals: Identify the intervals and their number and quality (major, minor, perfect and tritone).  

  4. Scales: Identify the scales you hear.  Major, minor (you must specify natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales) and chromatic scales will be presented.


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