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Music Theory Level VI


1. Rhythm VI

  • Hemiola

  • Polyrhythm


2. Intervals III

Specific Intervals 

  • Perfect (P)

  • Major (M)

  • Minor (m)

  • Augmented (A)

  • Diminished (d)

Tritone (augmented 4th/diminished 5th)

Compound Intervals

Inverted Intervals

3. Terminology II

  • Agitato

  • Appassionato     

  • Brillante

  • Cadenza

  • Calando

  • Con Brio 

  • Dolore 

  • Lacrimoso

  • Molto

  • Opus


Ear Training

  1. Intervals:  Identify the intervals you hear by number and quality.    All intervals (major, minor, perfect and tritone) within one octave will be presented.

  2. Melodic dictation: Complete the melody by filling in the notes.  Be sure to notate correct rhythm.

  3. Rhythmic dictation: Complete the rhythmic pattern, using half, quarter, eighth notes and eighth note triplets.

  4. Key Identification (major or minor): Listen to a short melodic phrase and identify the key (major or minor).  

  5. Time signature: Listen to the excerpts and identify the time signatures (3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8).

  6. Triads: Listen to the triads (major, minor or cluster) and identify the quality of each triad

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