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Music Theory Level V


1. Rhythm V

      Odd Meter

  • 5/8

  • 7/8


2. Circle of Fifths (Minor Keys)

  • Minor Key Signatures

  • Relative Major/Minor Keys

  • Parallel Major/Minor Keys

  • Enharmonic Keys


3. Minor Scales and Chords

  • Construct Natural/Pure Minor Scales

  • Construct Harmonic Minor Scales

  • Construct Melodic Minor Scales (Ascending and Descending)

  • Identify Scale Degree Names (all 3 forms of minor scales)

  • Identify Scale Degree Chords (all 3 forms of minor scales)


4. Voice Types (Choral)

  • Soprano

  • Alto

  • Tenor

  • Bass


5. Terminology I

  • Allargando

  • Amabile               

  • Animato               

  • Ben, Bene

  • Cantabile

  • Con

  • Poco a Poco

  • Ma    

  • Simile  

  • Subito 

  • Sempre 

Ear Training

  1. Rhythmic dictation: Write the rhythm you hear, consisting of quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes and eighth note triplets.  The first measure will be given.

  2. Melodic dictation: Complete the phrase with correct notation.  Be sure to have the correct number of beats in each measure.  The first and last notes will be given.  

  3. Intervals: Identify the intervals you hear by number and quality.  Major, minor and perfect intervals within an octave will be given.

  4. Scales: Identify the scale that you hear.  Major and minor scales will be presented, and you must specify the type of minor scale you hear (natural, harmonic or melodic).


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