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Music Theory Level IX


  1. Diatonic Triads 

  • Major Keys

  • Minor Keys (all forms of minor scales)


2. Cadences 

  • Authentic 

  • Half

  • Plagal

  • Deceptive


3. Non-Chord Tones I

  • Passing Tone

  • Neighboring Tone


4. Form III: Theme and Variations Form, Menuet and Trio Form

5. Genre III: Concerto, Symphony

6. Musical Period IV: Romantic (1820-1900)

Composers IV: Schubert, Brahms, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Liszt, Tchaikovsky

7. Terminology V

  • A Capella

  • Alla Breve

  • Affetuoso

  • A Piacere

  • Dolente

  • Ossica

  • Perdendosi

  • Piacevole

  • Sotto Voce

  • Vibrato


Ear Training

  1. Melodic dictation: Complete the melody.  The key signature, time signature, bar lines and first note are given.  All rhythmic values up to sixteenth notes will be presented.  

  2. Identify the triads you hear.  Major, minor, augmented and diminished triads in root position, first inversion and second inversion will be presented.  You must specify the inversions.

  3. Intervals: Identify the intervals you hear.  Major, minor, perfect and tritones within one octave are presented.  The examples will be played melodically either ascending OR descending.  

  4. Cadences: Identify the cadences you hear.  Authentic and plagal cadences will be presented.


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