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The aim of the AMMA Festival is to encourage music students of all ages and levels to have an opportunity to be assessed on any repertoire of their choice.  Unlike our Jury Program, one can enter The AMMA Festival with any single movement work or one movement from a multi-movement work, including concertos.  

Festival Categories

Classical Solo


Popular Music / Jazz 

Sacred Music

Chamber Music 

  • Application fee: $50 for Solo, Concerto, Popular Music / Jazz, Sacred Music (including processing fees)

  • Application Fee: $40 for Ensemble (per applicant)

  • Upcoming Deadlines:  

January 20 – February 20, 2023

  • Result Announcements:  

Results will be emailed on March 5, 2023

  • You may apply for as many categories as you would like; however, you must apply to each category separately.  

  • You may choose a piece of any level, style, or period.

  • Allowed Instruments

Piano / Violin / Viola / Cello / Flute / Clarinet

  • Certificates will be awarded to all participants, and outstanding performers will receive special certificates and will be featured on our website.  

Rules and Regulations

Results and Certificates

  • Results will be emailed on March 5, 2023.

  • Judge’s comments will be emailed along with the certificate.

  • Each participant will be awarded a certificate electronically as a PDF file.  

  • If you are selected as a Grand Prize winner, your name, photo, and bio will be featured on the AMMA Hall of Fame page on our website.

  • Online audition platform: YouTube (one link per applicant)

  • YouTube Video Naming Rules:

- Title: AMMA Festival 2023 or AMMA Festival 2023 – Instrument

- Example of Correct Video Title: AMMA Festival 2023 - Piano

- Description box: Full title of pieces, movement if applicable (Roman numeral), Composer Names (first initial and full last name).

 This information should NOT be in the title

        - Correct description box example:

  Sonatina in G, Op. 36, No. 2, I., M. Clementi

- The participant's name should NOT appear anywhere on the YouTube video, including the channel name.

- If the information for the title does not all fit due to the character limit, please  include the remainder of the title in the description box.


  • Videos must be taken horizontally (landscape).

  • Save/publish the video’s visibility to UNLISTED.

  • Videos will not be accepted if they are not titled/described according to the rules above.

  • All videos must be taken within the past 6 months.


  • For pianists, participants’ face, hands, feet with pedals as well as keyboard, must be visible for the entirety of the video.

  • For all other instrumentalists, participants’ face and fingers must be visible for the entirety of the video. 

  • Video recording MUST be a one-take; editing, such as cutting and merging multiple takes, is prohibited. No editing of any kind is allowed.  

  • Formal and appropriate attire must be worn; otherwise, the video will not be accepted.

  • Piano accompaniment is required for all pieces that have an existing accompaniment part.  You may also use pre-recorded tracks.

  • The applicant must prepare the movement or piece in its entirety (no cuts).

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